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The Sculptress

'It was a slaughterhouse, the most horrific scene I have ever witnessed...Olive Martin is a dangerous woman.'

Rosalind Leigh has no idea what awaits her inside the prison walls. As a journalist, she knows all about the case, of course. How Olive Martin had been found, five years earlier, cradling the bodies of her dead mother and younger sister; how she had pleaded guilty to both murder charges at the time of the trial; why she had been nicknamed 'The Sculptress'...

Despite Olive's protestations of guilt, however, Roz is convinced that she is hiding something - even perhaps her innocence. So who is Olive protecting, and why?

As Roz battles to come to terms with her own private tragedy, her determination to uncover the truth becomes an all-consuming obsession. Then she meets Hal Hawksley - Olive's arresting officer - and her confusion deepens...

Only one thing is certain. Roz will never forget the day she first met Olive Martin. It is an encounter destined to change her life. For ever.

The Sculptress:
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