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ward-winning, bestselling, the 'queen of the psychological thriller' -- phrases you'll often find in front of crime fiction author Minette Walters' name. Passionate and caring, open-minded, wickedly funny -- phrases that describe the real Minette Walters, the one you'll meet on this website.

Novellas and news

Minette has written another entry in the Quick Reads series entitled A Dreadful Murder. Macmillan will publish this novella on World Book Day 2013.

In addition, US publisher Mysterious Press recently released Innocent Victims, an omnibus of Minette's two earlier novellas, 'The Tinderbox' and 'Chickenfeed'.

Last but not least, Minette's UK paperbacks have been re-designed and re-issued, so if you notice some new covers on Amazon, that will be why!

Supporting a worthy cause

Minette is one of the patrons of The Footprints Project, a Dorset-based organisation that helps reduce the risk of adults re-offending when they come out of prison by supporting and mentoring them.

Earlier this summer, Minette hosted a successful ‘Midsummer Party with Opera’ to promote the charity.

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Press kit

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Links to all the information you need to know before you interview Minette. The Chameleon's Shadow press kit > >

Minette's Dorset kit

Map of Minette's Dorset

Whether she uses actual place names or invents her own, Minette has used her home county of Dorset as the inspiration for many of the settings in her books.

We've created an interactive map that gives you a quick tour of some of the more noteworthy locales, without leaving a carbon footprint.

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